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Online Ethics Training - Ethics of Money Laundering Regulations
Online Ethics Training - Ethics of Money Laundering Regulations
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    Price: $25.00
      I agree By checking this box and buying this product, I agree to the following:

    I have read the description of the Center's Ethics of Money Laundering Regulationstraining course and I believe it is appropriate for me. By purchasing this course, I agree to hold the Center harmless if this material is ultimately found not to have been appropriate for me.

    While the Center has made every effort to assure that this material is "appropriate" for futures professionals, no warranty, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the material.

    Lastly, I understand that the NFA and CFTC have not reviewed or approved the specific content or appropriateness of the ethics training and do not recommend the Center's (or anyone else's) training.

    Online Ethics Course - Ethics of Money Laundering Regulations

    New ethics training rules are in effect for futures professionals. These rules require NFA Members to determine the appropriateness of the ethics training which they (and their Associates) take. To help you determine whether the Center’s online Ethics of Money Laundering Regulations program is “appropriate” for you, a Table of Contents for this course follows:

    Table of Contents

    What is Money Laundering?
         Section 1956 of Title 18
         Specified Unlawful Activity
    How Money is Laundered
    Suspicious Activity and Terrorist Financing
         Signs of Money Laundering
         Types of Behavior
         Filing an SAR
         Transactions Requiring Filing an SAR
    Regulatory and Enforcement Framework against Money Laundering
         Bank Secrecy Act of 1970
         Reports/Registrations Required by the Bank Secrecy Act           of 1970
    NFA Compliance Rule 2-9
         Anti-Money Laundering Program Minimum Requirements
    Interpretive Notice #9045
              Knowing your Customer
              Recognizing and Reporting "Suspicious Activity"
         Hiring Qualified Staff
         Record Keeping


    Designation of a Compliance Officer
    Employee Training Program
    Independent Audit Function
    Sanctions for Money Laundering
         Violations of Section 1956(a)(1) and 1956(a)(2)
         Structuring Violations
         Asset Forfeiture
         Burden of Proof
         Court-Appointed Legal Representation
         "Innocent Owner" Defense
         Substantial Hardship
         Payment for Damage to Improperly Seized Property
         Fitting the Punishment to the Crime
         Real Estate Forfeiture
         Use of Criminal Forfeiture
         Use of Civil Forfeiture
    Penalties for Failure to Report as Required
         Suspicious Activity Report (Form SAR)
         Currency Transaction Report (Form CTR)
         Report of International Transportation of Currency or           Monetary Instruments (CMIR, Form 4790)
         Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report (FBAR, Form
              TD F 90-22.1
    SECTION 10
         Report of Cash Received in a Trade or Business (Form           8300)
         Reports Pursuant to Geographic Targeting Orders
         Registration as a Money Services Business (Form
               TD F 90-22.55)
    Long-Term Consequences of U.S. Money Laundering      Legislation

    Purchase of the ethics course entitles you to 6 accesses within which to complete the course. As you advance through the course, you may print out the materials. You will encounter review questions periodically. Once they are answered correctly, the course will advance you to the next section. You will not be allowed to return to a previous section once it has been completed; therefore, all printouts should be made prior to answering the final review question for each section. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to print a Letter of Completion showing your name, date of training and the course title, and the time spent online in this ethics training course.

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