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Online Retail Off-Exchange Forex Home Study Course (Series 34)
Online Retail Off-Exchange Forex Home Study Course (Series 34)
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    Price: $87.00

    Online Retail Off-Exchange Forex Study Course (Series 34)

    Now in its Second Edition, with up-to-date information, rules and regulations and examples.

    Scroll down to view the Table of Contents.

    To take a sample quiz, composed of one question from each section of our Series 34, click here!

    How our online courses work:

    • After you order, we e-mail you a PIN number and URL for username and password creation.
    • Once you create your username and password, you have 60 days of access to the course.
    • The Series 34 is composed of 5 Sections, each with its own practice quiz and 2 Final Exams of 40 questions. You receive 5 accesses to each quiz and 10 accesses combined for the two final exams.
    • Each practice quiz and Final Exam is fully interactive. The course features immediate feedback for each quiz question, and final exams where you take the entire exam, then receive a list of questions you missed.
    • For missed questions, you can view the question, your answer, the correct answer, and explanation, all in one window.

    Advantages of our online courses:

    • No shipping costs!
    • No waiting for the course to be shipped to you, your PIN number is e-mailed to you automatically when you order!
    • Study your course from anywhere in the world where you have internet access!
    • Immediate feedback practice quizzes promptly reinforce correct answers and build confidence as you prepare for the exam.
    • Free E-mail/Skype Support! If you have questions about our material, the Series 34 Exam, or futures in general we're just an e-mail or chat away with the answer. With access to our tutor, you have all the tools at your disposal to help you pass the exam!

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Definitions and Terminology
      • Over Seventy Definitions!
    • Chapter 2: Forex Trading Calculations
      • Profit and loss calculations
      • Open trade variation
      • Pip values, price after pips
      • Security deposit, margin
      • Return on collateral
      • Effects-of-leverage calculations
      • Netting of positions
      • Transaction costs
      • Cross rate transactions
      • Summary
      • Option profit and loss calculations
      • Exotic option profit and loss calculations
    • Chapter 3: Risks Associated with Forex Trading
      • Exchange rate risk
      • Operational risk
      • Settlement risk
      • Country risk
      • Credit risk
      • Interest rate risk
      • Liquidity risk
      • Market risk
    • Chapter 4: Forex Market
      • Concepts
      • Market Participants
        • Hedgers
        • Speculators and Arbitrageurs
      • Treasuries and Central Banks
        • U.S. Banking System
        • Fed Monetary Policies
        • Money Creation and Exchange Rate Intervention
      • Inflation
      • Exchange Rate Volatility
      • The Theory of Purchasing Power Parity
      • Balance of Trade and Current Account
      • Capital Account
      • Balance of Payments
      • Fiscal Policy
      • Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
      • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
      • World Trade Organization (WTO)
      • Interbank Funds Transfer and Settlement Systems
        • Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS)
        • Fedwire®
      • Portfolio Balance
      • Theory of Elasticities
        • Elasticity of Exchange Rates
      • The Fisher Effect
        • The International Fisher Effect
      • Economic Indicators
        • Employment/​Unemployment
        • Consumer Spending
        • Income
        • Industrial Indicators
        • Inflation Indicators
        • Gross National Product and Gross Domestic Product
        • Government Deficits
      • Conclusion
    • Chapter 5: Forex Regulatory Requirements
      • CFTC Jurisdiction and Jurisdictional Limitations
      • Conflicts of Interest
      • Disclosures to Customers/Know Your Customer
        • Rule 2-30
        • Rule 2-34
        • Rule 2-9
      • Jurisdictional and Regulatory Framework
        • Rule 2-36
        • Rule 2-39
        • Rule 2-40
        • Rule 2-41
        • Rule 2-42
      • NFA Interpretive Notice Regarding Forex Transactions
      • NFA Interpretive Notice Compliance Rule 2-36(e): Supervision of the Use of Electronic Systems
      • NFA Notice to Members: Supervision of Forex Promotional Materials
      • NFA Membership and Associate Membership Requirements.
      • Promotional Material and Solicitation.
      • Registration Requirements
      • Reports to Customers, Confirmations, Monthly Summaries
      • Security Deposit Rules
      • Security of Customer Funds, No Segregation

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