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Futures Branch Office Manager Home Study Course (Series 30)
Futures Branch Office Manager Home Study Course (Series 30)
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    Futures Branch Office Manager Home Study Course (Series 30)

    Passing the Series 30 Exam is required for futures brokers who wish to become Futures Branch Office Managers. Now in its sixth edition.

    • The Futures Branch Office Manager Home Study Course has 11 comprehensive sections, each covering one of the topics in the National Futures Association's study outline for the Series 30 Exam.
    • The course is updated as needed!
    • The Quizzes have expanded answer keys showing calculations and/or page references for answers.
    • 2 final exams are patterned after the Series 30 Exam and each has an expanded answer key.
    • Economy! Study at home in your spare time.
    • Competitively priced!
    • Free Phone/E-mail/Skype Support! If you have questions about our material, the Series 30 Exam, or futures in general we're just a phone call, chat, or e-mail away with the answer. With access to our tutor, you have all the tools at your disposal to help you pass the exam!
    • 20 study hours recommended.

    Topics covered in this course include:

    • General Market Knowledge
    • General Regulations
    • CPO/CTA Regulations
    • CPO/CTA Disclosure Documents
    • Disclosure by CPOs and CTAs Required for Upfront Fees
    • Disclosure by FCMs and IBs Required for Costs Associated with Futures Transactions (Rule 2-4)
    • IB General
    • General Account Handling and Exchange Regulations
    • Discretionary Account Regulation (Rule 2-8)
    • Promotional Material (Rule 2-29)
    • Anti-Money Laundering Requirements

    The only course of its kind!

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