Online Series 65 Home Study Course

Online Series 65 Home Study Course

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Online Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam Home Study Course (Series 65)

This course is now in its sixth edition!

Topics include:
  • Economics and Analysis
  • Investment Vehicles
  • Investment Recommendations and Strategies
  • State Securities Laws
  • Federal Acts
  • Ethical Practices

Each section is followed by a quiz. Two practice final exams plus more than 170 additional practice final exam questions, all with with expanded answer keys, let you test your readiness for the Series 65 Exam.

Advantages of our online course:

  • No shipping costs!
  • No waiting for the course to be shipped to you, your PIN number is emailed to you automatically when you order!
  • Study your course from anywhere in the world where you have internet access!
  • Immediate feedback practice quizzes promptly reinforce correct answers and build confidence as you prepare for the exam.

How our online course works:

  • After you order, we e-mail you a PIN number and URL for username and password creation.
  • Once you create your username and password, you have 90 days of access to the course.
  • The Series 65 is composed of 7 Sections containing varying numbers of sub-sections. Each sub-section has its own practice quiz plus the course has 2 complete Final Exams of 130 questions. You receive 5 accesses to each quiz and to each of the two final exams. You also receive 5 accesses to the additional final exam practice questions—more than 170 of them!
  • Each practice quiz and Final Exam is fully interactive. The course features immediate feedback for each quiz question, and final exams where you take the entire exam, then receive a list of questions you missed.
  • For missed questions, you can view the question, your answer, the correct answer, and explanation, all in one window.