Downloadable Age of Inflation and Age of Inflation Continued

Downloadable Age of Inflation and Age of Inflation Continued

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Age of Inflation
Age of Inflation is an enlightening and sobering analysis of the history and theory of inflation in the twentieth century. Written from the perspective of the Austrian School, the Book Recounts the German experience with inflation and price controls from World War I to the end of World War II. It deftly exposes the errors of the monetarists and their faith in political money, and examines the policies and consequences of the Federal Reserve System, offering recommendations for restoring a sound monetary system. Age of Inflation, which is also available in Spanish (Tiempos De Inflación, Buenos Aires, Argentina), is an invaluable aid to students of economics who seek to understand one of the great evils of our time.

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Age of Inflation Continued
In 1978, when the last pages of Age of Inflation were penned, the annual inflation rate was on the rise.  It peaked in 1980 at 13.58%, before declining to a low in 1998 of 1.55%.  Today, inflation is on the rise again, but this time, the United States has new problems as the world's largest debtor.  A new generation must cope with the ageless problem called inflation.  The answers are different from those that worked during the early 1980's.  To understand today's problems and solutions, see Age of Inflation Continued.

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