Planning for Freedom by Ludwig von Mises

Planning for Freedom by Ludwig von Mises

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Planning for Freedom
Planning for Freedom is a collection of seventeen essays and addresses aimed at the general public, and written as an introduction to Mises' other works. The collection includes such titles as "Middle-of-the-Road Policy Leads to Socialism," "Stones Into Bread, The Keynesian Miracle," "Inflation and Price Control," "Economic Aspects of the Pension Problem," "Profit and Loss," "Economic Teaching at The University," etc. The essays comment upon some of the most burning questions in the great ideological conflicts of our age. Surely, the world is headed toward difficult times, but Mises reassures us that trends can change. They have often changed in the past; they will change again. The current edition includes a brief, but thorough, biographical study of the Austrian School and von Mises's contributions, called "The Essential von Mises" by his pupil, Murray N. Rothbard, in addition to comments by several notable economic personages on the influence of von Mises in their lives. An excellent introduction to the philosophy of freedom, this volume rings clearly with truth.

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