Downloadable Stock Market and Income Enhancement Strategies e-Booklet

Downloadable Stock Market and Income Enhancement Strategies e-Booklet

Product Details

A 36-page booklet written for the thousands of investors who have a stock portfolio and believe there's a chance that the stock market could decline or remain stable. This booklet shows you how to use futures options to protect your stock investments and/or profit from market changes.

Topics include:
  • S&P 500
  • Mini S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average Index Futures
  • The Great Bull Market
  • Options on the Indexes
  • Option Premiums: Relationship of the Option's Strike Price to the Underlying Futures Price, Time Remaining to Expiration, and Volatility
  • Buying Put Options: Profiting from a Declining Market
  • Using Put Options with a Long Index Futures or Stock Position
  • Writing Call Options: Profiting from a stable or Declining Market
  • Income and Limited Protection
  • Stock Portfolio Risk Management: Diversifiable vs. Market Risk
  • Protecting Stock Investments
  • Calculating Your Portfolio's Hedge
  • Hedging and Speculating with Futures
A must-read for anyone considering using stock index futures and options on the futures.