Downloadable Tax Treatment of Commodity Futures and Futures Options e-Booklet

Downloadable Tax Treatment of Commodity Futures and Futures Options e-Booklet

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Downloadable—Tax Treatment of Commodity Futures and Futures Options e-Booklet
by Ted Tesser, CPA; Marc Sloane, CPA; and Mark Press, Esq.

What futures broker or trader can do without knowing something about the tax laws affecting futures and futures options?  Better still, who can go without a tax strategy these days?  This new edition not only discusses the tax laws but gives you Ted's latest strategy for slashing your tax bill.

Topics covered in this booklet:

  • A New Breed of Investor —Dealer, Investor, Trader, Hedger
  • Capital Gain or Loss Rules
  • Determining Net Capital Gain or Loss
  • Tax Treatment of Capital Losses, Capital Loss Carry-overs, Dividends, Section 1256 Contracts, Carry-overs of Section 1256 Losses, and Characterization of Carry-Back Losses
  • Mark-to-Market Provisions
  • Wash Sale and Short Sale Rules
  • Short Sales of Property which becomes Substantially Worthless—Section 1233
  • The Ultimate Strategy for Tax Reduction including:
    • The Business
    • How to Choose the Proper Entity
    • Structures to Reduce, Defer, and Avoid Payment of Taxes
  • Key Legal Cases regarding Trader Status

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