What Every Futures Broker Wants to Know

What Every Futures Broker Wants to Know

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What Every Futures Broker Wants to Know

Do you ever find yourself wondering exactly what to say to prospects when cold calling? Do you ever question whether you have covered everything with those first few important phone calls? The All-new booklet by top futures broker Stuart A. Vosk covers all of these things and more. Stuart A. Vosk draws on his 27 years of experience as if he were starting as a broker today, knowing what he now knows. Here's how he would:

  • Hit the ground running
  • Find and select his clients
  • Make sure he covered his bases with new clients

Mr. Vosk also:

  • Explains what procedures to follow
  • Gives scripts to use and probable responses
  • Highlights pitfalls to avoid
  • Recounts personal experiences
  • Outlines his vision of the future for adaptive brokers

Put Vosk's 27 years of experience to work for you today!