Combo General Securities Representative HSC and Futures Managed Funds HSC

Combo General Securities Representative HSC and Futures Managed Funds HSC

Product Details

Series 7 Printed Materials:

This fully illustrated 2-volume text is written in a lively, informative fashion that eliminates boredom. After each section (about every 10-20 pages), simulated test questions with detailed explanations give the user immediate feedback on his level of understanding. Also included in this set are a Chapter Exams book, a Final Exams book, a Glossary, and a Quick Study Guide. The exams give the user a simulated test experience so there are no surprises when it is time to take the actual exam.

The course contains more than 1000 pages, with more than 3000 simulated examination questions with detailed explanations.

This study program covers the following subjects:

  • Equity Securities
  • Debt Securities
  • Options / Derivatives
  • Trading Markets
  • Customer Accounts / Margin
  • New Issues
  • Investment Companies / Retirement Plans
  • Regulations
  • Taxes / Tax Shelters
  • Analysis

Included in every set of Series 7 printed materials is our unique Quick 7 Study Guide. The pocket-book-sized Quick 7 summarizes the test information into key bullet points and facts, compressing the content that must be known for the exam into a 350-page pocket book. Quick 7 is intended to be used for final review before taking the exam. Also note that Quick 7 is a COMPLETE review that covers ALL of the test information in the proper learning order and test weighting. This makes it a much better final study tool than flash cards.

Series 31 Printed Materials

For securities brokers who limit their futures business to futures funds. Passing the Series 31 exam allows registered representatives to receive trailing commissions from their sales of futures fund interests without having to take the Series 3 exam. 10-20 hours of study time is recommended. Registration with the NASD as a General Securities Representative (Series 7) is a prerequisite!

Topics covered in this course include:

  • General Market Knowledge
  • General Regulations
  • CPO/CTA Regulations
  • CPO/CTA Disclosure Documents
  • Know Your Customer Rule (NFA Rule 2-30)
  • Disclosure by CPOs and CTAs Required for Upfront Fees
  • Promotional Material (NFA Rule 2-29)