Online Series 3 Supplemental Exam

Online Series 3 Supplemental Exam

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Series 3 Supplemental Practice Exam

This practice exam is comprised of questions very similar to those on the Series 3 exam. The intent is to give the taker an idea of whether or not they are prepared to take the examination. During the actual test, you will have 155 minutes to complete the 125 question exam. Weighting of the question content for this supplemental exam is heavy on the rules and regulations. This is meant to supplement our Series 3 Futures Boker Home Study Course, available in both online and print forms.

Advantages of our online courses:

  • No shipping costs!
  • No waiting for the course to be shipped to you, your PIN number is emailed to you automatically when you order!
  • Practice the exam from anywhere in the world where you have internet access!
  • Reinforces content from the Futures Broker Home Study Course

How our online courses work:

  • After you order, we e-mail you a PIN number and URL for username and password creation.
  • Once you create your username and password, you have 5 attempts to take the exam.
  • For missed questions, you can view the question, your answer, the correct answer, and explanation, all in one window.